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   idmax10 idmax12 idmax15


IDMAX Subwoofers provide the highest level of performance, a blend of power and grace able to reproduce the subtlest details at even the lowest frequencies at extremely high output levels. With its high power handling of 1000 watts RMS and high measured efficiency it is truly a very high output subwoofer. Volume of displacement and efficiency are the only measures of what true output can be expected from a subwoofer. The IDMAX truly delivers power levels that are attainable without modified charging systems.


        IDMAX 10"                   IDMAX 12"                      IDMAX 15"
     MSRP. $499.99          MSRP. $549.99               MSRP. $679.99


   idq8 idq10 idq12


The all new IDQ V.4 subwoofers redefine performance for small enclosure subwoofers. Articulate and detailed with proper tonal accuracy at even extreme volume levels. They provide the incredible dynamic impact necessary while attaining extreme low frequency extension from the smallest of enclosure sizes. The removable core assembly allows you to custom match the basket color to your installation. Another feature of the removable core assembly is if the subwoofer ever requires service it allows you to replace the whole moving assembly quickly and easily.


  IDQ8" (NEW 2014!)              IDQ10"                                IDQ12"
    MSRP:$229.99           MSRP: $279.99                    MSRP $329.99



   id8 id10 id12


The ID V.4 subwoofers provide amazing performance with high output and great sound quality, all for a very reasonable price. Their high performance capability is the result of optimized motor and suspension designs that yeilds very high linear excursion capability. The ID series provide the right balance of sound quality, high output levels and cosmetic appearance with great performance even from lower powered amplifiers.


            ID8"                            ID10"                                ID12" 
     MSRP: $129.99         MSRP: $179.99                MSRP: $199.99



                  ctx10 ctx12 


The CTX Subwoofers perform far beyond expectations with high output and sound quality that is not expected at this price point. The stiff yet light Poly-Mica cone, conex spiders with integral tinsel leads, butyl rubber surround and long linear excursion of 16mm one-way allows them to effortlessly handle high power amplifiers producing high output levels with low distortion.


                              CTX10"                             CTX12"                     
                        MSRP: $129.99                 MSRP: $149.99