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IDQ8              8"     125W        250W     14.0mm     0.3-0.75     0.5-1.0

IDQ10          10"     250W        500W     18.0mm     0.6-1.6      1.0-1.75

IDQ12          12"     375W        750W     18.0mm     0.6-1.8      1.0-2.0

Rec. RMS     Max RMS     XMax OneWay    Sealed f3         Ported f3

Available in dual 2Ω and 4Ω impedance​​


IDQ Subwoofers have become the  quintessential sound quality

subwoofer. Developed to provide incredible dynamic impact while attaining extremely low frequency extenstion and brilliantly defined tonal accuracy in even the  smallest of enclosures. It is no wonder why  the  IDQ series has been the  winning choice of sound quality champions and competitors for well  over a decade.

Available in dual 2Ω and 4Ω impedance​​


Rec. RMS        Max RMS     XMax OneWay    Sealed f3        

IDQS8             8"     125W        250W       9.0mm     0.3-0.5     

IDQS10         10"     200W        350W     10.0mm     0.4-0.75     

IDQS12         12"     250W        450W     10.0mm     0.65-1.25      

IDQS  Subwoofers  redefine the  performance standard

for small thin  mount subwoofers. With a very  high linear excursion created from the  precise motor and suspension design the  IDQS Subwoofers provide you  with  great sound quality, and power handling as well  as accurate low

frequency reproduction in the  smallest of spaces.

* IDQS Models are not in stores at this time check back for updates as we finalize production dates.

High Excursion Design allows acoustically linear bass output at all rated power levels.


Parabolic Santoprene Surround to ensure cone linearity and control.


Poly/Mica Cone for strong and distortion free  bass reproduction while still reproducing all the  musical nuances.


Nomex Spider for consistent control throughout the  piston range and life of the  woofer.


Poly Carbonate Neck Joint allows the  woofer to handle more raw power without any  mechanical failure or flex and isolate the  heat from the  BASV voice coil former from the  cone.

American Made Flat  Wound Extended Voice Coil gives our  woofers higher magnetic flux (strength) and more voice coil “traction” in the magnetic gap with  over 1.75” of linear travel in the  magnetic gap.

Extended Y-35 Motor Structure allows the  voice coil to move freely without any  mechanical bottoming out  while producing a very  powerful flux field.


Field Replaceable Cone Assembly can  be changed in 10 minutes with  only  16 screws and alignment shims that come with  our  recone kits.

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IMAGE DYNAMICS IDQ SUB WOOFERS are the only "green" sub woofers on the market today
Rebuild your woofers easily without the need of glue!  
See below for a tutorial on how to re-cone your IDQ Driver  **Currently Not An Option for IDQS
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