ID8                 8"     125W     250W     12.5mm     0.25-0.45     0.5-1.0

ID10             10"     250W     350W     13.95mm     0.4-0.85   1.14-1.62

ID12             12"     250W     450W     13.95mm     0.8-1.5       1.5-2.0

Rec. RMS     Max RMS     XMax OneWay    Sealed f3         Ported f3

Available in dual 2Ω and 4Ω impedance​​


ID Subwoofers provide great bass response in any  enclosure with  the  right balance of quality, and reliability in lower power applications all at an affordable price. The ID Series Subwoofers are  developed with the same level  of engineering and attention to detail that you  have come to expect from Image Dynamics.

Multi Enclosure Design to maximize your listening preferences

without giving up any  sound quality whether you  want a sealed, ported or bandpass enclosure.


Parabolic Santoprene Surround to ensure cone linearity and control.


Poly/Mica Cone for strong and distortion free  bass reproduction while still reproducing all the  musical nuances.


Hybrid Progressive Spiders that gives control of the  piston at high volumes and still maintains the  sonic details at lower volumes.


BASV Voice Coil Former to pull and dissipate harmful heat from the  voice coil for better power handling.

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