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The CTX Speakers are the affordable solution for the autosound enthusiast seeking high performance speakers with rich well balanced sound,excellent tonal quality and incredible detail while delivering very high output levels.

The CTX Coaxials combine high efficiency and high power handling allowing them to provide excellent output even with head unit power and still gracefully handle even high power amplifiers. This performance is the result of careful design and engineering comprised through the proper selection of materials and components.

CTX component coaxial speakers feature a long excursion mid-woofer that utilizes light yet stiff and strong Mica-Polymer cones, butyl rubber surrounds, high power voice coils. The CTX silk dome tweeters utilize high energy neodymium magnets with ferro-fluid cooled voice coils with rear wave dampers for clear and detailed high frequency response.



                                     CTX 65

                                MARP. $149.99



      Model                               Specifications 



                                       Description                   Power             Sens             Freq Response              Depth

     - CTX65         6.5" 4 OHM Coaxial      100w       90db       58Hz - 22kHz      2.75"