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IDMAX subwoofers were engineered with the perfect blend of power and grace and are able to reproduce the subtlest of details at even the lowest of frequencies while withstanding extremely high output levels for a total performance that is simply unique.

IDQ Subwoofers have become the  quintessential sound quality

subwoofer. Developed to provide incredible dynamic impact while attaining extremely low frequency extenstion and brilliantly defined tonal accuracy in even the  smallest of enclosures.

ID Subwoofers provide great bass response in any  enclosure with  the  right balance of quality, and reliability in lower power applications all at an affordable price.


SQ  Series Full  Range Digital Amplifiers feature the  latest International Rectifier® (IR) circuitry delivering more power without rollback, providing more power on demand in a compact design without sacrificing the  precise sound quality and reliability demands of the  most discerning audiophile.

XS Series Component systems are the culmination of years of engineering driven research and development with the goal of producing tonally correct sound performance without compro- mise. Powerfully detailed and dynamic in their musical output, while showing complete sonic accuracy even in the challenging automotive acoustic environment the XS Series Components have become the choice of sound quality enthusiast worldwide.

CXS Components were designed to attain a level of fidelity that is unrivaled at any price, creating a speaker system that provides superior resolution of detail with incredible dynamics and sonic realism while remaining versatile to the installation needs of today’s automotive environment.

IDQ Slim Component System provides not only the ease of installation in those hard to fit applications but also pack incredible mid-bass reproduction, and superior sound quality with an overall warmth to its sound, ma ing these great for every application where space is limited.

ID Component Systems are an affordable solution for a high performance speaker system at a great value. With their ultra high efficiency the ID Series Components provide incredible detail at even high output levels while producing rich well –balanced sound overall.

ID Coaxial Speakers are an affordable solution for high performance coaxial speakers at a great value. With their ultra high efficiency the ID Series Coaxial provides incredible detail at even high output levels while producing rich

well –balanced sound overall.


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Since 1992 Image Dynamics has been hand building some of the industries most sought after sound quality subwoofers one by one here in the USA.  We take pride in everything we do "Image is Everything" as we strive to continue to manufacture the same great product and performance you have come to expect from Image Dynamics. 

Thank you for contacting Image Dynamics USA. One of our representatives will be in touch with you soon!

For general questions or concerns please use the form below, if your need is for technical or 

warranty support click on the links below for more contact options and or forms.

IMAGE DYNAMICS USA    2133 S Green Privado  ONTARIO, CA. 91761
     ph: 866.933.1414      fax: 866.239.4399
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